Tuesday, 1 September 2009

back door photo 1 September

I don't know if you can see it very clearly but our neighbours on the right as you look at this photo, cut their hedge down last weekend to half the height it used to be. I'm sure it was done to let more light into their garden but it's had the same effect on ours. Well, maybe not letting light in but it does feel less hemmed in out there, if that makes any sense!

I also took the opportunity of the brief dry spell to take this photo of one of the sunflowers Douglas grew from seed. (I first typed "sewed" and then realised that was the wrong type of sewing so I changed it to "sowed". That didn't look right either - think "pigs" - so I changed it to "grew from seed"! :oD)

Hopefully, it will be in flower soon.

By the way, I did say it was a brief dry spell, didn't I? It's now all of 5 minutes since I took those photos and it's pouring rain again! *sigh*


  1. Wow - love the backyard and the light! I, on the other hand, wish I had a hedge taller than that to block out our neighbors on the left. ;) I feel like I have no privacy (doesn't help she pops her head over the fence any time we're out there).

    The sunflower looks great! We've been wanting to grow some, but with all the wild animals and squirrels, they wouldn't last. :(

  2. Hi Anne, I have just replied to your comment to me but then realised you may not see it so have copied it below as I really wanted to thank you.

    Thanks Anne, he will be missed. The cake stand is for the shop, Fiona at Marmalade Rose makes fabric birthday cakes which are amazing and I sell them in the shop. The cake stand is to display the latest one on. You can see these and Fiona's other works of art at www.marmaladerose.blogspot.com. Best wishes, Karen x

    PS, the sunflower looks as if it be lovely when it opens up x


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