Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Joanna took the 3 jeans bum bags I had left - after she'd taken 2 and I'd sent 1 to Debbie - to her work today and sold 2 of them!

The funny thing was, of the three bags she took, I really thought the one with the lime green with white stars lining would go first but that's the one she brought back to me. Shows what I know! :oD

She also has an "order" for another one in which the person would like to have a red flowery lining. I don't know if I've got the flowery fabric but I do know I have red spotty stuff so maybe that will have to do.

But how exciting to have sold a couple of bags! The money has gone into a box which I'm going to try not to touch.

But then, somehow I think that will work as well as the idea that I'm not going to buy any more fabric until I've used everything I already have - ie a complete non-starter!

Well, at least I'm honest! :oD


  1. Well done mum - very talented! Everyone loves my bag here and asks where I got it!


  2. It's even more impressive once you realise there were only 4 people in work on the day I took them in! :)

    Also - I'll help you spell your winnings if you so desire!

  3. I'll manage just fine to spend/spell it, thanks! :oP

  4. Darn - why did I write spell? What a muppet? :D

  5. Yeah - I thought so, too! tee hee


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