Saturday, 15 August 2009

what I'm reading

I'm a Nora Roberts fan. I'm not so devoted that I love everything she's written but I have favourites that I read over and over again.

At the moment I'm reading the MacKade brothers books - again. I love them! I also love the Quinn boys, the Dream series, the Gallaghers, the Three Sisters Island books, the MacGregors and so on.

When I re-read any of these books Joanna will say "Jared and Savannah get together, you know!". Or, if I'm quick enough, I'll say to her "I think Jared and Savannah will end up together." I don't know why but it always makes us giggle.

I'm waiting patiently (now that's a lie if ever I heard one!) for the second book in the bride quartet. I enjoyed Vision in White and I've only to wait until December for book number 2 - A Bed of Roses. I keep telling myself it's not too long to wait - but it is! I really think they should release all 4 books at once for impatient people like me! :oD

In the meantime, I'll just read about Devin and Cassie and then Shane and Rebecca. By the way, I suspect Devin and Cassie will end up together - as will Shane and Rebecca! :oD


  1. Dammit - I was just about to tell you that Devin and Cassie and Shane and Rebecca end up together but you beat me to it!! Man we're sad!!! :)


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