Sunday, 30 August 2009

there be monsters

Are you happy to lie in your bed letting a leg or an arm hang out over the mattress? I've talked to a lot of people who won't - ever - let any part of their body hang out over the bed - just in case!

Everyone knows there be monsters under the bed who will grab said leg/arm and pull you under there. And when you're under there - well, nobody's really very sure what happens.

Well, my under-the-bed monsters weren't dragging me under the bed but they were bugging me. I kept thinking of the 4 boxes of shoes I hadn't worn in the last year that I put back under the bed for another year's worth of dust-gathering.

So, yesterday I dragged all 4 boxes back out again and this time was brutally honest about the chances of me wearing the shoes again. I'm now pleased to say that I managed to get the shoes down to 2 boxes. And, yes, the tap shoes and ballet pumps are still there. I wasn't that brutal! :oD

The only worrying thing now is that now there's more room under the bed for monsters! Yikes!!

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