Monday, 10 August 2009

teeny tiny bag

When I make a placemat bag, I usually use 2 placemats - 1 for the bag bit and one for the handles. So, there's always part of a placemat left that I'm never quite sure what to do with.

Today I used the leftover bit to make this teeny tiny bag.

The handles are bangles that I bought many moons ago to make handles for bags but thought they were too small for an adult sized bag. Great for this teeny tiny bag though!

I lined it with a kiddies print curtain fabric that has been in my stash for years. There's still plenty left to make more! :oD

And just in case it's not obvious how teeny tiny this bag is, here it is with an egg on top of it.


  1. Ah - but what size is the egg?! Cute bag though! :)

  2. This is fantastic, Anne! I've got a placemat, but am just waiting on inspiration. I think you just provided it!

  3. love it! I also love that of all the things to put on or next to it for size an egg seemed to be the obvious answer ;)

  4. So cute Anne! My DD (aka Miss V) loves having teeny tiny bags. She likes to bring it to the mall or other stores with her wallet. She feel so responsible to carry her own money and buy herself a drink or pack of gum.


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