Thursday, 27 August 2009

shoes, boots, slippers, tap shoes, ballet pumps …

I decided to go through my shoes today. So I dragged the 4 boxes from under the bed and filled another crate with the ones out of the wardrobe.

I then laid them all out on the bedroom floor - had to take 2 photos to get them all in!

Then I took out everything I hadn't worn in the last year. I decided that trying them on to see if I wanted to wear them doesn't count as wearing them!

I then went through the shoes putting several in a box called "if I don't wear these by this time next year, they're going out". I ended up with 4 boxes with that label!! They all went back under the bed.

I did put a few pairs - okay 4 pairs - out to go to the charity shop. These 4 pairs were in the category "why did I buy these?" They're unworn - and uncomfortable - and just don't suit me.

I admit I've put the ballet pumps and tap shoes back under the bed even though I haven't danced in those in about 19 years. You never know - I might take it up again! :oP

I now have 12 pairs of shoes in the wardrobe. All the boots and wellies are under the bed as are the 3 pairs of slippers. Why do I need 4 pairs of slippers? I have no idea. Why didn't I throw some of them out? Because you never know when I might need them!

So, it was fun but I'm not so sure I achieved anything!

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