Saturday, 8 August 2009

room for more - if she dares

Joanna and I spent about and hour and a half this afternoon gutting her wardrobe. This had come about because she kept telling me she had no clothes to wear but, in another sentence, would tell me she had no room in her wardrobes as they were stuffed full.

Time for action! I told her I would help her go through her wardrobe but only if she did it properly. She had to be ruthless tossing out anything that didn't fit - no matter if it was too big or too small - and anything she didn't like.

So, we set to. She dragged all her hanging things out of one of the wardrobes and threw them on the bed. She tried things on wondering how the same size of trousers could cut off her circulation in one pair, be far too baggy in another and fit just fine in a third. A lot like Goldilocks's porridge!

We then started on the second wardrobe. This one was actually easier to deal with as they were all tops. Some of them didn't get as far as being tried on because either she would decide they were horrible or I would give them one look and say "don't bother trying that one on!". :oD

In the end we filled 2 huge Ikea bags for the charity shops, the bin in her bedroom was overflowing with stuff that wasn't good enough for even the charity shops and I am home with a carrier bag full of stuff that just needs the hem put up or the sleeves shortened.

And she now has - count them - 78 hangers emptied. Yep! 78! And she'd better not get any ideas of filling them again! :oO


  1. Think I should do the same with my wardrobe--it is definitely better to have someone with you ,then you are encouraged to be more ruthless.I'll let you know how I get on !!!
    Hope you are all well.Enjoy Jenny's wedding on Thursday.

    Linda x


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