Wednesday, 12 August 2009

of all the blogs in all the world …

I've said before that I love to blog hop - go to one person's blog, read it and then move on to the blog of someone they have in their blog list. Well, let me tell you what happened yesterday!

I went to attic24 and then, from her blog list, chose to visit MarmaladeRose. I have no idea why I chose that blog but I did so I sat and read her latest post which had photos of a car journey home through the Yorkshire Dales - fabulous!

I looked at the photos, giggled at her commentary "OOO! Look! another car!"and, when her camera battery died on her "Oh bum!".

So what? I hear you say. Well, I scrolled on down and was looking at the photos of her patchworks using vintage embroidered linens - what a fabulous idea! - when Douglas strolled into the dining room.

"What're you looking at?" he says so I showed him thinking his eyes would glaze over and he'd walk away wondering why anyone would want to make anything by cutting up something else and sewing it back together again.

He didn't. He said "We have a photo of that exact same river from that exact same place". I just looked at him and said "what?" thinking he'd finally lost it.

He rushed off to the living room where I could hear him muttering about holidays to York and we had lunch in such and such a place and didn't I remember? "(Em, no! It was, at a guess, 5 years ago. You expect me to remember where we had lunch one day 5 years ago?)

So, anyway. A few minutes later, he called me through to see the photo and - wow! it is the same river from the same place!

How cool is that?

Of all the blogs in all the world …

I'm going to go and leave a comment on MarmaladeRose's blog with a link to here - just so she can think "how amazing is that?" too! :o)


  1. it's a small world!
    Nice photo though!

  2. Hello there. Thank you for your lovely comment, I nearly missed it.

    Your photo is very good, it is a beautiful spot. I feel so very lucky to live here. I think the fact that it hardly changes and hasn't changed for hundreds of years is part of it's charm. I know thats what made us fall in love with it. Maybe one day we'll see you up here again.

    love Fi x


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