Friday, 7 August 2009

no blog and safari 4

I thought I wasn't going to be able to blog today as none of the blogspot blogs were working for some reason. I kept getting taken to a google page telling me I was trying to do something that I wasn't - don't ask me what it meant - I have no clue!

I even asked Douglas and he had no idea either. He shut down Firefox and, when he put it back on, it was still happening so he shut down the whole computer. Blogspot blogs still wouldn't work.

But they do now so I'd better blog in a hurry in case it happens again!

And what to blog about? Well, Douglas asked me to leave my computer on last night at bedtime as there was a system update that needed - well - updated! I have no clue about these things so I leave them to him.

Anyway, I switched on my computer this morning and all was well. Then I switched on Safari and - drat! - Safari 4 had downloaded. You might ask why that is a problem. Well, Pithhelmet, my adblocker for Safari, doesn't work in Safari 4. That's why I didn't want 4 until Pithhelmet worked on it. And now I have 4 and I also have ads. OMG it's awful! I HATE it!

I'm off to do a google search to see if anyone has an adblocker that does work on Safari 4. If not, I'll be using Firefox all the time.

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  1. Yeah I was bummed about Pithelmet too :( I was avoiding Safari4 too.

    If you find something that works please tell me. I miss my adblocker!


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