Friday, 21 August 2009

a long lie? - Ha!

I remember when Debbie and Joanna were very young, I commented to Douglas's Auntie Winn that I really could do with a long lie. She told me that when the girls were old enough for me to get a long lie, I probably wouldn't be able to sleep late. I'd be awake early no matter what day of the week it was.

I remember thinking at the time "No way! Surely, if the girls have grown up and left the house and Douglas has a day off, or it's the weekend, we'll easily be able to have a long lie".

Well, Auntie Winn was right. The girls are out of the house, Douglas has occasional days off and the weekends come around faithfully every week. Do we sleep late? Have a long lie? Nope.

We're awake at just the same time every day. Oh well, best just accept it, I suppose. But sometimes I still think I really could do with a long lie!

Maybe tomorrow? I doubt it!


  1. Know the feeling Anne.I always look forward to the weekend and promise myself a "lie-in", but no,like you and Douglas I wake up as usual and sometimes even earlier than work days. Growing old certainly doesn't come on its own.Have a good weekend.Zzzzzz

  2. The night after I'd written this post, I couldn't get to sleep. Then, after being asleep for about 5 minutes, a group people went along the road talking loudly and woke me up! Then I couldn't get back to sleep for ages.

    And STILL I woke up early! Aaaargh!!! :oD


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