Tuesday, 7 July 2009

a year's worth of blethers!

I was looking back to see when I started this blog and it was July 4th last year. Wow. I've been blog-blethering for just over a year. Amazing!

I was looking through some of the posts and giggled once more at the funny photos I put up last year from our holiday in Paris. So, if you haven't seen - and giggled at - them already, here they are again. tee hee

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Anyone who knows me knows I love to giggle irreverently at anything and everything. Here are a few things that made me giggle in Paris.

Fan of Friends? Big head, big head, big head!

I'm sure they don't have as many blisters as I had!

A boat for pigeons!

No the photo is not backwards!

This guy is worried his deodorant isn't working!

And these guys made me literally laugh out loud. I think they've just been told that size matters so they're inspecting their - em - wares.

And this poor chap has already inspected his and is devastated!


  1. LOL thanks for the laugh this morning Anne!

  2. Happy Blogging Birthday!! xx


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