Friday, 31 July 2009

back door photo 31 July

Rosie makes a return in the back door photo. Again she is eyeing up the bees which are flitting around that purple plant. We have no idea where the plant came from or what it is but it's pretty so we left it! :oD

Oh, and sorry about the washing on the line - it's my swimming stuff from this morning's swim. :o)

Thursday, 30 July 2009

a few puzzling questions

Once you've sniffed a flower, how is the smell still there?

What was the best thing before sliced bread?

How do sheep not shrink in the rain? (And don't say it's because rain is cold water! I've washed things in cold water and they've shrunk - but I've never tried it on a sheep! LOL)

If humans evolved from apes, why do we still have apes?

How do you know the light goes off in the fridge when the door closes?

Why do Psychics need to advertise a Psychic Fair? Surely they'd all know about it?

If we all stopped voting, would the politicians go away? (HA!)

What seeds are used to plant seedless grapes?

How do they get non-stick coating to stick to a pan?

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

piano stools and doggie cushions

Well, just one of each! Here's what I did yesterday.

Rosie's cushion in the livingroom was in dire need of a new cover. As you can see, her best pal, Bruiser, would like to jump right on it. The polar bear thinks it's pretty cool, too! :oD

And the piano stool also got recovered.

The cables and books are Douglas's. I was going to cut them out of the photo but decided to leave them in. Hopefully he'll see them on this and tidy them!!! Maybe? Ha!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Jim - 2

Today was Jim's funeral. It was a day full of tears and hugs and then smiles and even some laughter.

Bye, Jim. You made an impact on so many people's lives. We will never forget you. :o)

Friday, 24 July 2009


I got a newsletter from pccrafter this week and it had this little gem in it.

The History of 'APRONS'

I don't think some kids know what an apron Is.

The principal use of Grandma's apron was to protect the dress underneath. Because she only had a few, it was easier to wash aprons than dresses and they used less material, but along with that, it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven.

It was wonderful for drying children's tears, and on occasion was even used for cleaning out dirty ears.

From the chicken coop, the apron was used for carrying eggs, fussy chicks, and sometimes half-hatched eggs to be finished in the warming oven.

When company came, those aprons were ideal hiding places for shy kids.

And when the weather was cold, grandma wrapped it around her arms.

Those big old aprons wiped many a perspiring brow, bent over the hot wood stove.

Chips and kindling wood were brought into the kitchen in that apron.

From the garden, it carried all sorts of vegetables. After the peas had been shelled, it carried out the hulls.

In the Fall, the apron was used to bring in apples that had fallen from the trees.

When unexpected company drove up the road, it was surprising how much furniture that old apron could dust in a matter of seconds.

When dinner was ready, Grandma walked out onto the porch, waved her apron, and the men knew it was time to come in from the fields to dinner.

It will be a long time before someone invents something that will replace that 'old-time apron' that served so many purposes.

REMEMBER: Grandma used to set her hot baked apple pies on the window sill to cool. Her granddaughters set theirs on the window sill to thaw.

They would Go crazy now trying to figure out how many germs Were on that apron.

* I don't think I ever caught anything from an apron. *

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I use an apron - or, as we call them in Scotland, a pinny. It's just one of those things I was taught as a child. Before doing any food preparation or baking or whatever, you had to put your hair in a ponytail, take off your watch, roll up your sleeves, wash your hands and put your pinny on. I still do - well except for the ponytail! :oD

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

cleaning and painting

Debbie has decided to sell her flat. Sounds like a great idea, eh? Well, it is. But Debbie is in Canada.

So, if the flat needs cleaned - it does - and painted - it does - it's not her who's going to be doing it! It's us! *sigh*

So Douglas and I went over this afternoon and I scrubbed the kitchen sink whilst Douglas cut in the edges of one wall. I'll tell you here and now, the tenant who was in Debbie's flat for 6 months has no idea what cleaning a kitchen sink means. I'm going to have to have another go at it to get it sparkly.

And I won't even mention the toilet. No I won't. I can't. Ewwwwww!

Anyway, we managed to get one wall done today because it had a heck of a lot of cutting in around the windows. The other 2 won't take so long - hopefully! We're heading back tomorrow to see if we can get it finished so we can get it up for sale.

I'll take photos of it when it's painted - and cleaned! :o)

Monday, 20 July 2009

Rosie's biscuits and a couple more bumbags

Joanna made some doggy biscuits for Rosie this weekend. Here are a few photos showing her excitement - Rosie's! :oD

Looking at them in the oven:

I'm sure I could get closer:

They've cooled down now, Rosie. Would you like one?

I think I'll have this one:

And I made a couple more bumbags. I'm thinking of taking a table at a charity event in November so these might just go on that table.

back door photo 17 July

It was pouring rain!

Saturday, 18 July 2009


Today Douglas lost his brother. I lost a brother in law. Our girls lost an uncle.

Jim was 56 years old.

We love you, Jim. Thank you for being part of our lives. We will miss you.

Friday, 17 July 2009

wandering through sewing-blog-world

I've been doing a lot of wandering through sewing-blog-world recently. You know - you find a link on someone's blog and go and look at the blog that's linked.

Then you click on a link on her blog and go and look at that blog. And so on and so on. Before you know it, it's bedtime and you have a million Firefox windows open with sewing blogs on them!

So, you go back, bookmark them all so you can do the same thing another day - probably too close to bedtime - and you end up bookmarking another gazillion blogs!

It's fun, though, and - very important - it's not fattening!

So - or maybe "sew" - hats off to all you sewing bloggers who show what you make and inspire the rest of us. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. :o)

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

2 'dos and a fence

Rosie and I both went for a haircut today. No, not at the same place! LOL

Rosie is never very happy when she gets back from getting her hair cut - all those barking doggies would be enough to traumatise me, never mind a wee doggy like Rosie!

Here she is with her new 'do.

And here's me with my new 'do. I love it! :o)

And, whilst all this new 'do-ing was being done, Douglas was a busy bee putting up a new fence in our back garden. I love this too!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

getting rid of some stuff

I went through my wardrobe today and took out some things I don't like and/or don't fit me.

I was ruthless. Even if I did like it, if it didn't fit me, out it went. Even if it fit me, if I didn't like it - out it went. It felt so good.

My wardrobe is so much emptier now and the clothes that are left in there aren't jammed in so tight, they almost need ironed before I wear them.

Of course, the clothes didn't go in the bin - they're in black bags ready to go to the charity shop. I just hope I get them there before I get any second thoughts and hang them all back in my wardrobe again! :oD

Sunday, 12 July 2009

the leg bag and the bum bag

I spent a lot of time sewing this weekend and I had so much fun. Here's what I made.

I call this one the leg bag because I made it from part of the legs of an old pair of jeans. The inside of the bag is lined with the same fabric I used for the decorative stripe and the handles.

This one I call the bum bag because it's made with the "bottom" part of the same pair of jeans. It's lined with the same pink and white stripe fabric I used on the handles and for the tie thing.

Friday, 10 July 2009

mum's thumb 2

I phoned mum this morning to see how she was. She said she was fine and was managing everything quite well.

Because it was her right thumb she'd hurt - and she's right-handed - I had worried that she might have some problems but, other than not being able to fasten buttons, she said she had coped with everything else.

She then reminded me that, when she was first diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 8 years ago, her right side, including her hand, had been weak and so she'd become used to using her left hand for some things. Her PD meds sorted that to some extent but the skills she'd learnt then, she's just using again now.

I hope I'm as adept at 81 as my mum is!!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

mum's thumb

When my mum was getting out of my car at the supermarket this morning, she shut the car door on her thumb. I won't go into details of how it looked - let's just say it wasn't pretty! (Understatement of the year!)

We went to the pharmacy in the store and they called for a first aider. 4 arrived and the general agreement was that she needed to go to the A&E (Accident & Emergency) or to the treatment nurses at her own doctor to get it stitched.

So off we went to her doctor's but there were no appointments available until 12.45pm - no way were we waiting 3½ hours - so off we went to A&E. She was taken fairly quickly and got it all cleaned up, x-rayed (not broken), 3 silicone stitches were put on it, various fancy dressings and then a h-u-g-e bandage. Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb!!

Then, when we came out, she insisted that we was okay so it was back to Asda's for her groceries! 2 hours later than we should have been but at least she was okay.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

a year's worth of blethers!

I was looking back to see when I started this blog and it was July 4th last year. Wow. I've been blog-blethering for just over a year. Amazing!

I was looking through some of the posts and giggled once more at the funny photos I put up last year from our holiday in Paris. So, if you haven't seen - and giggled at - them already, here they are again. tee hee

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Anyone who knows me knows I love to giggle irreverently at anything and everything. Here are a few things that made me giggle in Paris.

Fan of Friends? Big head, big head, big head!

I'm sure they don't have as many blisters as I had!

A boat for pigeons!

No the photo is not backwards!

This guy is worried his deodorant isn't working!

And these guys made me literally laugh out loud. I think they've just been told that size matters so they're inspecting their - em - wares.

And this poor chap has already inspected his and is devastated!

Monday, 6 July 2009

no more physio needed!

The physio was *really* pleased with me today. In fact, she was so pleased, I don't need to go and see her again. Unless things start to go badly wrong which they won't. I won't allow it!!

The swimming has done me the world of good and has exercised my shoulders and wrists perfectly. My back and knees have also benefited wonderfully!

Every time she asked me to show her me lifting my arms up above my head or moving my arms behind me I did it perfectly! Go me!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Wimbledon is over, vive le tour!

Well, all my cheering for Andy (Roddick) was in vain. Roger Federer beat him in the men's singles final. Mind you, it was in 5 sets and the 5th set score was 16-14. Wow! Great score!

So what do I watch now? Never fear! The Tour de France has started. It actually started yesterday but I was still in Wimbledon mode so I won't start watching it until tomorrow.

I wonder who I'll cheer for? Actually, it would probably be best for me *not* to cheer for anyone in particular as my Wimbledon choices didn't seem to do too well with me cheering them on! :oD

Vive le tour! :o)

Friday, 3 July 2009

C'mon Andy!

The great Scottish/British hope for Wimbledon, Andy Murray, has been beaten. I suppose we should be really pleased that he got to the semi-finals but it would have been *much* better if he'd managed to reach the final! Oh well, maybe next year!

Mind you, if I'm being honest, if Andy Roddick - the conqueror of our Scots lad - had been playing *anybody* else, I'd have been rooting for him. So, although I'm unhappy for our Andy, I'm really pleased for the other Andy!

And there's also the added benefit that I won't have to learn a new chant for Sunday's final! "C'mon, Andy" will do just fine. :o)

Thursday, 2 July 2009

they made me do it!!

I'm a member of the pccrafter Hug Club and each month we get 2 free kits. We don't get a choice - they're 2 brand new kits - and usually, I'm pleased with what we get.

Today I got my July kits and one of them was a Christmas Kit. I LOVE IT! Laurie Furnell takes a lot of beating in my humble opinion!

So, anyway, I'd gone to the pcc site to download my kits and remembered that they were having a 20% sale on Christmas kits - although how I could have forgotten, I'm not quite sure. Now, if you're a Hug Club member, you get an extra 20% off so it's 40% off.

Oh dear. How do I tell Douglas that I bought 10 new kits? And they're all Christmas kits so I won't even be able to use them for a while.

Maybe I'll tell him I'm going to make our Christmas cards this year? Or, for the next decade? I certainly have enough Christmas kits to be able to do that.

But it wasn't my fault! They made me do it! What can I say? I have no willpower!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

don't talk!!

I was at the pool this morning and there were a lot of talking weebles there. Stop talking! This is a *swimming* pool - not a talking pool.

The worst offenders - and this isn't in the least a sexist remark - are the men. I actually think that their wives chuck them out of the house so they - the wives - can get an hour or so of peace. Talk, talk, talk all the time.

And another thing - who goes to the pool and then sits on the side? On sunbeds? This is an indoor pool - no sun to be seen - so why the sunbeds are there at all is a mystery to me but for 2 men - whom I nicknamed Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum - to sit/lie on them for most of the time I was in the pool and talk? Weird, I tell you!

And then there was the woman who seemed to talk to everyone there - except me! I managed to avoid her! But I heard her asking one young woman why she hadn't been at aqua aerobics last Thursday. I didn't hear the answer but I'm sure it wasn't what I was thinking in my head - "none of your business, nosey parker!"

So, be warned, if you ever turn up at my swimming pool and start talking to me, I might just tell you to take a run and jump … except I won't because I'm too nice to say it. I'll be thinking it though! :oP